Timberline Solar

Timberline Solar™ | Nailable Solar Shingles For Cleaner Energy

As per GAF Energy, Timberline Energy Solar Shingle is the first nailable solar shingle. The launch of these solar shingles is believed to bring a seismic shift in clean energy adoption. Also, Timberline Solar™ is the only roof system that directly integrates solar technology into an existing roofing system. Besides, its installation process is super-smooth. All it takes is the GAF Timberline shingles along with a nail gun. The revolutionary Timberline roofing can lead to significant growth in residential clean energy adoption.

Developed in a manufacturing facility in California, Timberline solar shingles align with almost all the important points of a customer’s checklist. In addition to intact waterproofing, it is resistant to most of the detrimental factors that can alleviate the life of a roofing system. Durable roofing shingles mean cost-effective clean energy.

Installation Procedure

GAF timberline HD shingles are the world’s first nailable shingle that has a depth of less than 1/4 inch and is installed on the same plane as the rest of your roof. With such precision engineering, these nailable shingles look sleeker than rack-mounted solar panels; however, the energy efficiency remains intact. The new shingles are installed with a nail gun and enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Timberline Shingles Safety

Timberline Solar™ is the first product to receive the UL 7103 certification from UL in September 2021. UL is a global safety science leader, and its certification verifies the safety and reliability of the product. Besides, it also authorizes GAF Energy to install the Timberline roof shingles on your roofing, both as a residential roofing product and as a solar energy product. It is the right kind of solar roofing system for homeowners.

How Does This Timberline Roof Work?

Before Timberline HD shingles are finally installed, they don’t look like a roof shingle nor like a solar panel. The quarter-inch thick panels are long and narrow thermoplastics, which are attached to an integrated solar panel on the top. This altogether works as a single waterproof unit, which can easily be walked through. The connecting electrical wirings are covered under a low-profile plastic channel along the edges of the shingle. The wiring is attached to a single inverter on the side. Besides, the wiring feeds the inverter with the panel’s direct current output to the alternating current to be used in your home.

Be A Part Of The Clean Energy Adoption

Timberline Solar™ can offer you a myriad of advantages to your roofing system. However, scaling clean energy adoption stands above all. GAF Energy is all set to scale this technology to become an integral part of your roofing system. Adoption of these solar roofs will definitely increase the distribution of clean energy to a great extent. If you also want to reap the benefits of the GAF Timberline HD shingles and contribute to the spread of cleaner energy, get in touch with us. Big Texas Roofing and Solar can help you with the installation of Timberline Solar shingles.

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