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Clay Roofing Tiles

Clay roofing tiles are made by baking up the clay moulded in a pre-defined shape. The density of these roofing tiles is influenced by how long and at what temperature they are heated. Roofing tiles come in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, orange, and even brown. Terra-cotta, on the other hand, is the most prevalent colour of clay tile. A high temperature is required to bake clay tiles to ensure that the tiles don't peel the colour or fade. Clay roofing tiles are long-lasting and insulating roofing preferences of the homeowners.

Concrete Roofing Tiles

Concrete tiles are created using the same procedure as regular concrete. To make it, a mixture of sand, cement, and water are moulded in a standardized shape and then baked in high temperature and pressure. While concrete's polished surface can be left basic, it can also be painted for a more unique and personalized effect. Concrete tiles come in three different styles: Flat (with no curves), Low Profile (with a slight curve), and High Profile (with a huge curve).

Big Texas Roofing has an extensive inventory of clay and concrete tiles, available in different shapes, dimensions, and colour choices. These clay and concrete roofing tiles are designed to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your home. They are easy to install and maintain. Besides, our installation services are highly applauded among our customers for their smooth and hassle-free executions. Furthermore, you can get clay or concrete roofing done by experienced professionals, and that too at the most competitive rate.

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