Asphalt Shingle Installation in Austin

Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation in Austin, Texas City

If you are a Texas resident and are looking for the best asphalt shingles roofing company, then look no further. Big Texas Roofing and Solar offer the best raw material, experts with decades of experience, and amazing roof repair and roof replacement services. Asphalt shingle have been the most traditional roofing system. It is seen in many houses even today. These fiberglass-based sheets are coated with ceramic granules.

Big Texas Roofing and Solar offer superior quality, and precision-engineered shingles are perfectly balanced in weight. Therefore they can remain torn-proof due to being overweight in harsh weather conditions, such as strong wind and storms. Besides, asphalt shingles roofing is also fire-resistant and can withstand them without showing a single sign of damage.

Why Choose Asphalt Shingles?

From the many roofing systems available in the market, if you are wondering why you should go for asphalt shingles, here are a few reasons:
Economical- Choosing asphalt shingles roofing can be very beneficial for your pocket. Asphalt shingles installation charges at Big Texas Roofing and Solar, and therefore you do not need to put in too much money at a time when planning to renovate your rooftop.

Practical- One of the main reasons why asphalt shingles are the first choice of a majority of people is because this roofing system is very practical. The shingles are very strong and can easily handle any foot traffic. So, if any shingle gets damaged, you can easily walk on the roof and repair the damage.

Loads of Warranty Options- Since commercial and residential asphalt shingles are not too expensive, you can find many affordable warranty options. These warranties can cover the cost for you at the time of installation, repair, and even replacement.

Easily Available Raw Material- You can very easily get the raw material for asphalt shingles roofing. Many local stores keep a ready-made stock of the same. This, as a result, helps you at the time of repair or replacement and makes the process faster.

Huge Variety Available- At Big Texas Roofing and Solar, we make sure that we provide whatever our customer demands. We offer asphalt shingles in a huge range of colors, designs, and dimensions. This way, you can choose what suits your needs the best.

Why Big Texas Roofing and Solar?

We offer our services in almost every part of Texas and in areas close by. If you are wondering why you should choose us, these reasons might be enough to convince you:

  • At Big Texas Roofing and Solar, you get the best asphalt shingles roof repair and replacement services at the best available price.
  • Our team has been a part of the industry for 23 long and successful years and therefore holds great experience and knowledge.
  • We use the best quality of raw material and make sure that the final results are way better than what you would expect.


Undoubtedly, Asphalt Shingles roofing is really very popular among the homeowners due to its best material but when it comes to the sun exposure, you need to be a little cautious as this roofing material shrinks due to extreme sun exposure.

Here are the 5 major signs that will help you to know if your roof needs repair or replacement. Let’s take a look!

  1. Dark Patches and Missing Granules
  2. Curled Shingles
  3. Shingles are blown off the roof
  4. The age of roof
  5. Cracked Shingles

You can expect to get about 20-22 years out of your 3-tab shingle roof and 25-28 years out of your dimensional shingles.

Asphalt roofs and shingles are two different things. An asphalt roof is more than just the shingles that you get to see on the street. It's a combination of different key roofing components and materials to ensure your home stays leak-free.

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